Footprint Fun: a boardgame on energy saving

An Inter-generational Project

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This boardgame has been developed with the help of people of different ages, between 7 and 90. Save energyIt has been trialled with a number of (mainly) old-age pensioners, who made many useful suggestions. Then young people at three schools gave their opinion, thought of names for the game and made drawings of the topics on the cards.

We all think it is important to save energy - at least energy of the fossil-fuel kind - as too much of the heat of the sun gets trapped by the carbon dioxide (CO2) released when burning fossil fuels, like coal or gas or petrol. That makes that the earth gradually warms up, making some parts of the globe become terribly dry and hot, while other areas become too wet, as there is so much moisture in the air.


Pegs are moved to the left to take Kgs away from a character's score, when they make their carbon footprint smaller. They are moved to the right to add to the score, when they do something that makes it larger.

Here are three images of a scoreboard, showing the carbon footprint of one of the character, Frances. Her initial carbon footprint is 9,500 Kg, which is average for the UK.

Score board with Frances' carbon footprint at the beginning of the game: the red 1000's peg is in the 9th hole of the 1000's row, the yellow 100's peg is in the 5th hole of the 100's row.

Frances has helped to organise a walking bus to her school, so she can take 50 Kg off her carbon footprint. The red 1000's peg is still in the 9th hole on the 1000's row, the yellow 100's peg has been moved to the left by one hole to the 4th hole of the 100's row, the green ten's peg is now on the 5th hole on the 10's row.

Frances can take another 2 Kg off her carbon footprint, as she made music while she cycled. The 1000's and 100's pegs are still in the same holes as before, but the green 10's peg has moved to the left by one hole, to the 4th hole and the blue one's peg is now in the 8th hole on the 1's row.

Pages looking as if people are playing

The next four pages show you what it might look like when the game is being played with six of the potential cast, eleven characters. There is a page where you meet all the characters: each has his or her own background and their own sum of money to spend at carbon markets. Then there are pages showing the rules of the game, an image of the board and one to contact us.

To the right there is a drawing by one of the young people which refers to three topics which feature on the green cards plus some additional information the artist wanted to show us about carbon dioxide.

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